Dear Nephew O.P.,


Things are fine in Possum Hollow; hope things are good with you. A lot has happened since I wrote you last. We had a fire, and I do mean a fire. The front half of the chicken coop caught fire and killed most of the chickens. The laundry mat side didnít burn too bad, mostly the roof. For right now I had to cut back on the number of tubs in the laundry mat, the girls were a little upset about it, because of the wait. But they are all happy now as we had a big chicken BBQ. Since there were only 27 chickens left, and no where to put them, we ate them too. It took us about 3 days to cook all the chickens, and everyone in the hollow came. We all had a great time. Donít know what were going to do about the chicken coop. Will keep you posted. Must go and help granny stuff chicken feathers into pillow cases. 


Your favorite Uncle,