Dear Nephew O.P.,


Things are GREAT in Possum Hollow hope things are good with you. As you can see I wrote the word great big. Well thatís because of you and your show. The other day I was over at Dunbar store where they have that web thing, and heard the show. When you and Little Jimmy were talking about granny washing clothes, and how there is no laundry mat here, bam it hit me, a laundry mat!


Well guess what, I am now a businessman. I went out and bought 10 washtubs. I set up the tubs in the back half of the chicken cope, as the chickens are still using the front half. I have 5 on each side, so there is very little waiting. I set up some sawhorses, and laid a old door on them, they work great as laundry tables. I am selling grannyís soap for 10 cents a bar to the ladyís to wash with. It gets out the tough stains.  I get 25 cents a tub, plus I strung up some line and get 15 cents a basket of clothes to hang the up. Thanks, thanks, thanks, you guys are great.


Well I got to run, I got more water to fetch$$


Your favorite Uncle,