Dear Nephew O.P.,


Things are fine in Possum Hollow, hope things are good with you. As you know Bubba Jr. is in the jailhouse over at Mink Pond, well it looks like he will be there a little while longer. It seems that he tried to escape. The cleaning lady at the jail left the back door open, Jr. saw it and ran. But unfortunately two guards were taking a smoke break when Jr. came running though the back door, and the rest is history. He had about 4 days left, now he got 90 more days for trying to escape.


Granny is doing fine and still listens to your show. She made the best possum pie I have ever had the other night, you should have been here.


Your Aunt Hubba was in the hospital for a day last week. I guess the night before it got cold, and they left the Kenworth running all night, and the flumes got to her, nothing serious, it just made her sick.


Got to go, Granny is going to wash clothes today, and I have to go out and build a fire.


Your favorite Uncle,