Dear Nephew O.P.,


Things are fine in Possum Hollow, hope things are good with you. Right after I mailed off that note to ya, I got one from your Aunt Hubba. She’s doin good now. She’s got a new boy friend, he drives coal for the big coal company over at Knob Top. It gets better, they’re living in the Kenworth over at the truck park in Second Creek. Now that he makes good money they have a great parking spot there, she can see the river from the sleeper, and they are at least 30 spaces from the oilers. It sure looks like she is liven the good life now. I am glad for her.

Jr. got another 30 days in lock up for fighting with the guard over there at Mink Pond Jailhouse. He only had two days left.


Gotta get go’in, granny’s making my favorite tonight, craw dad stew.


Your favorite Uncle,