Dear Nephew O.P.,


Things are fine in Possum Hollow, hope things are good with you.  I saw Granny over at Bug Water the other day. She was at Dunbar store; you know; down where the hard road ends. They have that Web thing over there, and Nelly and Granny was listening to your show “paint still wet”. I know all about that paint, a few years back some guy come though here sellin it and I bought 30 gals for 50 bucks. I painted every thing on the farm,  the house, the barn, the chicken coops, even painted the out house. O.P. every thang was so purty. Then I found out about that there not dryin part. It took me forever to scrape all them bugs and birds off all them walls. That stuff never did dry.


Bubba Jr. is still in lock up over at Mink Pond. It seems that Jr. and his buddies were driving around over there, and thought the local cop was after em, he wasn’t, but they made a hard right to try to get away from him and plowed into a brick wall right across from the Post office. No one was hurt, and they got the pick-up pulled out, and Jr. went down the road to turn around and did a few doughnuts in the school parking lot, he lost control, and shot right into the Crooked Tug River. His buddies just got him out of the river when the Mink Pond police showed up. The policeman turned out to be Jeff Butterworth. You member him, he’s that guy Jr. beat up over at the bar at Bear Run and you hadda bail him out. Well any way, Jeff remembered that, and Jr. got 30 days. He should be out bout time you read this.


I gotta go, its posed to get cold tonight, so I’m goin down to the Railroad tracks and pick us up some coal.


Your favorite Uncle,