Programs that should not be on your work computer

Final protection is up to you



The following is a list of non-work related programs:


  1. Kazaa, Kazaa Lite or Kazaa Gold.
  2. Weather bug or any weather program.
  3. Music updaters or an alerter.
  4. Lime wire.
  5. Do not install any Antivirus or Anti-Spyware software. Your employer supplies these.
  6. Flash players, unless required for work related programs.
  7. Games.
  8. Any program related to porn is prohibited.
  9. In general: If a program is for your personal use only, it does not belong on your work PC. (If you would not want your supervisor to see you working in a  program you may assume that program is prohibited.)



    • In most cases your PC is set to update Windows itself when you're connected to the Internet, but if you are prompted to update Windows or install Windows updates, do so only after consulting your supervisor.


    • Read basic precautions guide lines to help maintain a safe computer.  (Leaflet 445)


    • When you do have problems, DO NOT try to make repairs on your own. Inform your supervisor.




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