Cleaning Up After A Flood

  • Find out where you can get help to clean up. Check with your local authority or health authority in the first instance or look under 'Flood Damage' in Yellow Pages for suppliers of cleaning materials or equipment to dry out your property. It takes a brick house about one month per inch to dry out.
  1. Open doors and windows to ventilate the house, but take care to ensure your house and valuables are secure.
  2. Contact your gas, electricity and water company. Have your power supplies checked before you turn them back on to make sure they have dried out. Wash taps and run them for a few minutes before use.
  3. Donít attempt to dry out photos or papers - place them in a plastic bag, and if possible store them in the fridge.
  4. Throw away food which may have been in contact with floodwater - it could be contaminated. Contact your local authority Environmental Health department for advice.
  5. The Citizens Advice Bureau and other organizations may be able to help if you feel under pressure, their numbers can be found in the phone book.
  6. Donít think it canít happen again. Restock your supplies.